Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Cure for a common cold

It's a well known fact that men make the worst patients. They completely close down and retreat whilst the smooth running of the household carries on seamlessly through the fog of steaming lemsip and above the noise of rattling paracetamol. Well that's my experience and that of my friends, and friends of friends.

The Queen of e bay Wallflower phones. "Where are you hiding"? she demands. "Where have you been lately"? I riposte.

"I'm not feeling very well" she admits. "Me neither" I say.

Turns out we both have varying degrees of the common cold. We have both downed tools, stopped work, and are both seeking monumental amounts of sympathy.

Which is why it is so good that we are both lucky enough to be married to our respective menfolk who can take over the reigns whilst we confirm to each other how extremely rare it is that the roles are reversed.

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