Thursday, 14 December 2006

Frosty France

Well here's a pic to spread some warmth through your bones. Taken in an idle moment whilst surveying the aftermath from the gite's newly departed visitors, hmmm no comment.

Still the sun's streaming through the windows, the embers of the fire are still glowing and the central heating's roaring away. Think I'll book myself in for a holiday.

The Christmas Tree went up last night, stretches all the way up the vast stairwell, it's a real pleasure decorating a tree with a couple of teenagers, "glass of champagne would put me in the festive mood" mumbled 2b. After we had all finished 'Yummy Mummy' produced a plate of cakes from Geant. Exquisite, gooey confections complete with dinky Father Christmas's and Reindeer's. His Lordship struck up a jolly tune on the piano.

"Everyone getting in the festive spirit then"? I enquired. They both pondered for a moment between squidgy mouthfuls. "You bet!!" came the reply.

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