Monday, 11 December 2006

Ghost Hunting

This morning I edged rather nervously along the corridor but staring down at me without any apparent interest was the usual assortment of family portraits and line drawings.

Still I wasn't taking any chances and tip toed barefooted quickly down the wide marble staircase. Gosh it was like walking on a block of ice. Furthermore I had taken the precaution of omitting assistance of my contact lenses thus ensuring any ghosts of any kind would simply not be seen.
2b had peered over my shoulder yesterday and read my blog, I was flattered and surprised. "Cool" he said and picked up the book on paranormal investigation and disappeared.

The kitchen was as silent as the grave, not eerily so or even spooky but I closed the door into the panelled hallway all the same. I opened the door to the pantry and because I couldn't actually see very much my toe inadvertently touched a soft warm object. No assistance from glasses, contact lenses or even a magnifying glass was needed to tell me what was lurking therein.

A ghost appearing before me in any shape or form is eminently preferable to a dead mouse.

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