Sunday, 10 December 2006

Haunted House in France

A previous guest had sent me a copy of the book Ghost Hunters, A guide to investigating the paranormal. I'm glad he did as at 12.99 I wouldn't have rushed out and purchased it myself. I dipped into it's contents from time to time and realized that as paranormal activity goes we had it in spades. Bucketloads some might say. However it's not a subject that occupies a lot of our time and when it's mentioned in front of 2b and The Small Cross One they immediately go very tight lipped. When questioned further they positively melt away, in short they have seen whoever it is on a number of occasions and that's the end of the matter.

His Lordship however dismissing such nonsense with a snort of derision followed a lady into the garden room at the back of the house enquiring what time supper was likely to be. "Why are you talking to yourself" ? asked a puzzled Small Cross One. How we all howled with laughter when he had to finally admit to seeing a ghost.

This morning though it was my turn as much to my annoyance all I ever saw were shadows floating down the stairwell, hardly the stuff to form the basis of a riveting conversation.

I saw someone walk past the open kitchen door, "Tea or Coffee"? I enquired pleasantly. In that very split second I realised I had seen a ghost. I ran into the hallway and my hairs stood up quite literally on the back of my neck. I was so excited I ran up to His Lordship who was propped up in bed. "I've seen the ghost" I shouted, quite overcome really, hardly a daily occurance after all.

"Well there you go" he replied non plussed, "now where's that cup of tea you promised me"?

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