Thursday, 28 December 2006

Silent Night

Phew, struggled rather to get into the 501's this morning. Stupidly stepped onto the scales and convinced myself that blame must lie with bulky dressing gown and kicked them quickly out of sight.

Took a drive into the hills of the Malpere where the air was so pure blowing in off the Mediterrean that it quickly dispelled any feelings of sloth. The Small Cross One bounded ahead and with wild thyme underfoot the air was tinged with a sweet fragrance. We all stood and revelled in the tranquility and sheer beauty. "You're like a runner bean" I commented. "And you are like a broad bean" she quickly quipped.

Drove to Toulouse to deposit our Christmas guests into the hurly burly of departing visitors homeward bound on Easy Jet. Mon Frere Jumeau was laden with a delectable selection of fresh french cheeses.

Back at Le Chateau 2b's friends had taken up residence next to the Aga. I wandered into the magnificent dining room which had played host to countless sumptuous meals over these past few days.

The above picture says it all....................

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