Friday, 15 December 2006

Three Wise Men

In a slight panic this morning. Everyone asking for scarves, gloves and winter coats. Like I'm wonder woman or something rather than 'Yummy Mummy'. Flying visit to the Golden Oldies this weekend courtesy of Easy Jet, crazy price of 144 pounds return for the four of us. Whaaaaaaaah, I'm going to dive into the whole frenzied pre-Christmas shabang head first.

Sedate walk with Wise Owl this morning to purchase the bread from the village shop. Behind the nativity scene are the three wise men, Rose, Red and White placed on the counter top. It's so peaceful and I grab the moment whilst I can.

Found two large baskets filled to the brim this morning with dirty laundry. "What the hell's all this"? I shrieked. "Clothes we MUST HAVE" for England came the reply from The Small Cross One and 2b before they conveniently slipped off for school. I can see quite clearly now why they are described as the best days of your life.

Still as His Lordship always says, "A donkey always goes best loaded".


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