Monday, 4 December 2006

Yoga with my neighbour

I just happened to be passing a neighbours door whose rather grand knocker, that of a very elegant ladies hand, always tempted me to knock. I don't know him but if he didn't want people to knock he would have removed his knocker, don't you think ?

Anyway this morning I succumbed and rapped hard and prepared to sprint away.

Rather embarrassing actually as he was just the other side and opened the door far more rapidly than I anticipated.

He seemed rather pleased to make my acquaintance and gave me a grand tour of his house. Roughly the same size as Le Chateau at a guess but far more space for 'personal discovery' is how I would describe it. It wasn't long before the aroma of coffee filled the air as we chatted pleasantly on the joys and pitfalls of renovating an old property.

There didn't appear to be any chairs in the garden to sit on and he perched in a neat lotus position on the ground.

"I can do that" I said proudly. I took the picture of the window above before stars started dancing in front of my eyes.

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