Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Big Brother House.........or Chateau

Sadly, even tucked away deep in the heart of the South West countryside of France, the dreaded words that seem to have fuelled fevered imaginations and rocketed around the World by all acccounts have not passed me by. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you must live in outer Monglolia, well lucky you in that case.

The Big Brother House, along with Jade Goody and Poppodoms seem to be getting a hell of a lot of publicity. Just out of interest the spelling of Poppodom is acceptable in a variety of forms but it does not seem to appear in Roget's Thesaurus or my French Dictionary.

In complete contrast another story which was by far the more interesting of the two was the publication of Captain Robert Falcon Scott's last letter written to his wife. Endearing, touching and beautifully poignant you would be deeply heartless to have nothing but sheer admiration for his bravery, stoicism and pride in the way he and his men conducted themselves.

Along this thread of thoughts and realising that the programme hosted by Channel 4 had reached its lowest common denominator, and sadly which presumably is the reason for its popularity it occurred to me that standards can now only go up. Which is why there should be a new programme called ' THE BIG BROTHER CHATEAU.' Nobodies, second rate celebs, low life and riff raff hell bent on self promotion can now come and better themselves rather than lower their standards even further by staying in a house with style and grace.

In that way they will achieve their main aim in life, to be remembered and revered just like Captain Scott who will long outlast the infamous Jade Goody who in a little while we hope will return to the obscurity whence she sprang.

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