Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Bonne Année

Humphrey was keeping his opinions firmly to himself this morning. I'd tried to take him quietly aside and have a one to one, face to face exchange but he remained completely non commital and who could blame him ?

The party was over, the feasting, the drinking; the jollity and merriment was no more. He at least looked woebegone as we said our farewells. So 2006 was past and as we shot through the countryside of the Corbieres homeward bound to Carcassone I couldn't help but ponder what 2007 may hold in store for us. I felt subdued until we reached home but as we rounded the corner to Le Chateau my spirits were soon restored. There was my beautiful house looking magnificent as ever with the undulating countryside spread before us. There seemed to be a couple of neighbours on holiday sitting peacefully at the ornate table and chairs alongside my olive tree completely unperturbed by my sudden appearance. "We love it here" they beamed, and I didn't have the heart to object to them enjoying their picnic in such a peaceful spot.

Once inside the fragrant smell of woodsmoke filled the air and I rushed around opening all the shutters to flood the house with beams of light and let the sun suffuse the house with warmth.

I warily opened 2b's bedroom door. There seemed to be figures that I could pick out in the gloom. I stuck my face into the one that I supposed was his. After what seemed an age one eye opened briefly. I couldn't help reflecting that although Humphrey had not uttered a word this morning the look that he fixed me with seemed overall to convey far more sense than the one I had just received.

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