English Tea

Having a few hiccups with my camera today. Rushed out excitedly this morning partially clad to snap away at the frosty world laid out before me. The rising orb of the blood red sun was turning everything into the most beautiful blushing landscape. Sat impatiently at the computer only to find finger tip control was zero and could not transfer this morning's photos. Yesterday's red rose though is sadly no more due to the cold.
Taken to monitoring the man in the distance who religiously prunes his vines whatever the weather whilst sitting at the computer. Every half an hour I move my chair slightly to the right. This gives me a clear view of the vineyards, hills and snow capped Pyrenees beyond. Move my chair slightly to the left and I have the Corbieres hills. Sometimes on a clear day I can see the famous mountain Bugarach above Rennes Le Chateau. Straight ahead between the windows is a wall containing a Chloe Cheese print entitled 'The Breakfast Room'. His Lordship placed the desk deliberately so I would not get distracted. I've worked out that it would take me approx five minutes at a brisk pace to reach the man with the white van working amongst the vines. I could produce a thermos flask full of steaming hot English tea with a fine slab of fruit cake made from a wonderful Delia Smith recipe.
He's gone now though. I suppose he will re-appear on the dot at 2'oclock like he does everyday.
I tell His Lordship my idea. "Make sure you give him your address" he suggests. I must have looked rather baffled. "His wife might decide to bring me a carafe of local red wine with a slice of homemade citron tart". With that he gently pushed my chair so that I was back facing the wall.


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