Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Big excitement as my new webpage floats around in cyberspace. I have been shackled for way too long on the computer and suddenly I feel as free as a bird, AND, the sun is shining, utter bliss.
2b hovers over me real close, too close, and I begin to smell a rat. "What are you doing tonight" he enquires very pleasantly. "Hmmm let me see now" I ponder, "I'll just check my diary". After 10 seconds of staring at a blank page and unable to think of a quick answer I am forced to reply "nothing whats the catch" ? "We're going out then" he announces, "an evening of hip hop, jazz, break dancing, fused with vibrant theatre performed by my friends from the Ivory coast, Kenya and Nigeria. "You will make sure your camera's charged then won't you" ? he added.
Unlike yesterday for example when I was quietly sitting minding my own business staring at my pictures for the umpteenth time, like the one above. Suddenly the whirring sound of a helicopter stirred me from my reverie. Hovering in front of the house the huge machine stayed for a few moments and leaning out of the side was a chap waving at me ! I grabbed my camera fast, only to discover that the battery which I assumed was charging was unplugged and I had missed the most wonderful shot. Seconds later it was gone.
"Someone you know"? enquired His Lordship.

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