Friday, 5 January 2007

I agree with Boris Johnson

I have purposely put this ghastly little picture right in the centre of todays musings for it is the inspiration of todays brainwave and one that I shall be offering my discerning guests at Le Chateau .
And my offer is this, that I shall remove the offending piece completely. The TV/DVD that is , and you will notice that tantalizingly to the right there is a piano which provides far more fun and entertainment and brings together people in an altogether much more pleasing manner than any amount of gawping ever did at a box flickering in the corner. As if that were not enough a library of over 500 splendid books covering a range of subjects for even the most literary of minds combined with a selection of games makes this an excellent choice of venue for bringing family and friends together for a holiday that is FUN.
Which is what holidays are about after all and the opportunity to indulge in a pastime or passion that you simply never seem to get around to whilst shackled to the restraints of having a home with a television, or computer for that matter. Imagine the bliss of neither. Bring your paints, brushes, sketchbooks, airfix models, violins, whatever, Le Chateau has the space for you to set yourself free and discover the joys of conversation and long forgotten hobbies.
I practice what I preach in case you were wondering and our best holiday was spent hunched over a Scrabble Board argueing furiously with His Lordships ever increasing obscure words, and oh the joy of beating him at Dominoes (seriously addictive)
And this revelation came about by living in a TV free zone and reading Boris Johnsons thought provoking article in this weeks Daily Telegraph. He urges us to summon up our strength, all our courage, and yank out that plug. And then if anyone kicks up a fuss, get out the sledgehammer and strike a blow for literacy.
The choice will be purely yours ......

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