Sunday, 14 January 2007

ISIS I - The Solution Is Simple!

By 9 o'clock I am pacing the kitchen and on my third cup of coffee, where on earth can Wallflower be? She promised me that today we were finally going to complete my newlook website and unveil it to the world.
Eventually I cracked and phoned her up, she sounded surprisingly jolly and had completely forgotten our rendezvous. "Um what time are you expecting me?" I asked tentatively, "I had completely forgotten that you were supposed to be coming over" she trilled, "something very exciting must have happened then" I suggested.
"I'm playing with my new ISIS I puzzle, I have decoded all of the clues but I still can't open it" she explained. This meant absolutely nothing to me, still she was obviously fully engrossed in something pretty exciting which meant that if I turned up on the doorstep she was bound to welcome me with open arms, which I did!
Only when I turned up she didn't welcome me with open arms, she instead thrust a shiny blue and gold metal ball into my hands and said "open that would you?"
"No problem" I replied, "only while I'm doing it can you finish off my website for me!"
For some peculiar reason, she smirked at me.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Hi, did your friend get it open? I am very stuck with mine!