ISIS The Solution.........nearly

Wallflower is endeavoring to join the small band of people in the World to open her ISIS puzzle. So far she informs me that she has managed to get the third ball bearing as there is definitely been a change in tone from the inside of the ball. She can rotate it slowly whilst keeping the plunger pointing in a Northerly direction until the ball goes silent, BUT, at no time has she been able to make the plunger only depress a small amount and this is the bit she is stuck on.

I'm impressed enough to realise that should she be able to achieve this then just like the poor souls down in Branscombe in Devon, we are going to be seriously inundated with world interest whether we wish for it or not down here in Carcassonne.

Nobody can accuse me of not being prepared here at Le Chateau in rural Lasserre de Prouille. Oh no. Even now shutters and windows are flung open to allow the sun to pour through the vast rooms on standby for the expected influx. We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and I have a smattering of double Dutch to get by on.

Lastly I would hate to be thought of by my faithful band of readers to be posting the same old hat.

So here you go,

A new old hat.


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