Monday, 8 January 2007

Maddening Macaroni

I phoned up Wallflower Queen of e bay to see what she thought of my prose that I had spent most of yesterday struggling over. As she's so clever she's rustling up a new look website for Le Chateau. "Well" ? I ventured. Her reply was short but not sweet and did not bring me the deep glow of satisfaction I thought was about to spread through my veins.
I'm feeling rather disgruntled and not in the slightest bit inspired which is why I'm popping one of my favourite pics in today. It's from a 1953 edition of France Illustration which I happen to have in the library. This is to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the magazine that is, not the pic of a pile of macaroni which incidentally should you be interested is how my brain feels. The enormous pile of slippery stuff, all loose and jumbled represents every little word I want to cleverly sculpt together but can't.
Never mind, onwards and upwards as His lordship would say.
Oh yes, forgot to say that I've taken my first booking for Le Chateau, must be doing something right then !!

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