Friday, 19 January 2007

Miss Potter

Somedays, just somedays mind, I would rather be somewhere else. Today is one of those days.
My bodies here but my mind is currently situated on the beach at Eype the most marvellous little jewel down on the Dorset coastline. From here you can just see the outline of Lyme Regis Bay. Looking at this picture carefully I can almost feel the rather rough sand between my toes. I know that if I walk over to the rocks in the distance there will be small pools inviting me to spend time peering amongst the seaweed. If I am really lucky I may stumble across a fossil. Afterwards a healthy climb up through the fields will reveal a National Trust tea-room where we can sit and have the most marvellous cream tea and I can gorge on clotted cream.

I'm also rather sad that I can't go and see the new Miss Potter film with my Mother. We should be sitting together eating toffees that we both know are bad for us but make us feel good all the same. She will sit through the entire film wishing I was there.

Just because most days I appreciate that where I live is close to heaven it doesn't mean I can't float off elsewhere occasionally.

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