Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Old Fossils

My view from my former bedroom window at Le Chateau takes some beating. With the majestic Pyrenees towering on the skyline (scant snow today), vineyards neatly pruned, fields awaiting this year's sunflowers and gently rolling pastures this is one of the boudoirs that awaits the lucky people staying with us this year. His Lordship and I have decamped into the apartment and I have to say that the change of scenery is rather refreshing. Instead we have french windows leading out onto the terrace overlooking the rooftops of the village with the Corbieres beyond. To celebrate our new abode His Lordship splashed out on some balls filled with tit bits for the birds. Conversations first thing in the morning are riveting. "You'll never guess who's on our terrace this morning" ? might be an opening gambit. So far we have been visited by three kinds of tit, collar doves, greater spotted woodpeckers, pied wagtails and countless sparrows. Magpies hover in the background.
2b overheard one of these conversations. "This is proof" he announced "of your advancing old age, you're a right couple of fossils".
"Well you seem to enjoy old fossils" I retorted, and to prove my point here is a picture of him searching for them on Charmouth Beach, Dorset's very own Jurassic Coast.

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