Sunday, 7 January 2007

Snail going slowly

I'm going to share with you the most enormous secret today and if I do it's strictly between you and I. This picture might give you a clue but more of that in a while.
Queen of E bay Wallflower arrived yesterday completely laden with luscious goodies and placing them seductively around Le Chateau starting snapping away at an alarming speed. Shabby chic pots and pans leant against rustic doors, bedspreads draped nonchelently over antique beds placed against panelled walls. You get the picture. And so did she, lots of them in fact. When she had finished in the time it took me to rustle up a cup of tea her attention turned onto my miserable web site. "You've got your pictures and text ready for me then"? she enquired. Fortunately at that very moment the computer chose to freeze or stop, or something highly inconvenient so I was given another 24 hours grace. Which was a blessed relief really as I'm not quite ready. And also explains why I am locked into the office without a key and not allowed out until I have produced ample text fit for a stunning new website enticing all those people looking for beautiful accomodation in the Languedoc to book Le Chateau for their holidays. (Sleeps up to 18) thought I would slip that in quickly.
Anyway look, the secret is this, what do you suppose my nickname is ?
Who said Flowerpot ?

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