Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow beautiful snow

If there was one thing for certain today His Lordship would not be enquiring as to whether I would be taking a dip. 2b stayed tucked up warmly in his bed safe in the knowledge that there would be no school buses. The Small Cross One slid all the way down the hill anyway and waited in vain. I tried to tell her not to bother, but would she listen ?

Much sniggering at the breakfast table when they learnt that Maman had got herself locked into the bedroom and being utterly desperate had battled out into the garden in a blizzard and howling gales via the French windows to answer the call of dutyat three in the morning. Oh yes I'm still in stitches about it before you ask.

The electricity decided to go off last night and 'Mr Helpful' (no names here) pulled the computer connection out. No internet, no phone, that is until 'Mr Helpfuls assistant' put the right thingy into the right socket. Allowed myself a discreet smirk into my porridge but not until I had witnessed a free indoor firework display.

Still it seems that when there is snow on the ground people's thoughts turn to their summer holidays and I've had a very respectable amount of enquiries today. So, even with two Alpha males, one Small Cross One knocking out Fairy Cakes for want of anything else more interesting to do I'd have to say "Keep on snowing".

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