Sunday, 14 January 2007

To Swim Or Not To Swim

His Lordship has taken it upon himself to devote his time this weekend to cleaning out the pool.
Whilst everyone else's winter pool covers remain tightly closed ours is now very much open.

To those not in the know you might be led into fooling yourself that just because it was twinkling away like a jewel in a crown it may prove to be a pleasurable experience.

Well no amount of him chasing me around with my wetsuit is going to induce me to be so foolhardy, no matter how seductive it may appear.

I'm staying very firmly in my gardening attire. Furthermore just to prove my point that I have no intention whatsover of taking a dip I fully intend to have a bonfire with the prunings of the fig trees.

I would be the first to admit though that it would be beautiful were I to own a full length wetsuit. Which I don't, just a three quarter one.

Which surely is justification for my reluctance ?

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