Sunday, 18 February 2007


Having decided to post a picture of my Amaryllis plant I was left pondering how to spell it. It seems to be spelt two ways, Amyrillis and Amaryllis so either are right I suppose.
Not that this minor query is worrying me unduly as heavy rain is providing me with enough stress to make anything else inconsequential. After the torrential gales I am trying not to let the sound of heavy dripping on the stairs into the assortment of buckets drag down my usual buoyant and optimistic mood.
Within the last five minutes I have had to turn away a two week booking in August; how I wish more people would holiday in June and September, I am now, quite naturally, filled with gloom.
The rain is continuing to pound relentlessly on a roof better designed to ward off the sun rather than the rain. So much for the beautiful terracotta tiles, sloping gently on the rooftops everywhere south of the Loire....
Never mind, on such a rare grey day a leg of Irish lamb followed by an apple tart, washed down with a glass or two of local Languedoc, will be all I need to lift the spirit.

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