Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Black Bananas

Everyday I have to wrestle with my conscience, banana loaf or the bin ? And everyday the problem remains, a mournful reminder of non banana lovers. I've been instructed not to buy any more until this little load have been dealt with, but I have, of course. "Anyone for a lovely firm yellow banana"? I enquire brightly.

As if I haven't enough on my plate apart from black bananas. March 1st jolted me horribly as I realised that time was creeping by, hurtling far too fast towards the holiday season. This week I've spent most on it on my hands and knees lovingly polishing floorboards. Literally so much so that I now scuttle like a crab thankfully to bed everynight.

One of our visitors loved us so much last year here at Le Chateau he's coming back for a week in July. Only he can't wait that long and he's taken a week in March too with our resident in house chef laid on to pamper him further. No panic here then. to book your fabulous holiday.

The last item to move into the apartment with us is the computer currently situated in the old library, now a rather fetching bedroom (with polished floorboards) French Telecom are arriving shortly to disconnect me. No more idly staring at the panoramic views, the progress of the vines through the seasons, the magnificent Pyrenees with their jagged outline, the vibrant sunflowers beckoning to me to go and join them outside.

No, unless I move fast I've been threatened with a desk opposite a blank wall which does not feature in any of my schemes whatsover. Moreover my argument is that I shall be deprived of my source of inspiration. "Humfff" comes the reply, "more time to get on with the endless list of essential jobs". "Such as" ? I challenge.

"Doing something with these wretched bananas" His Lordship states firmly.

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