Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Bright Red Pepper (again)

I'm being incredibly cunning this morning, some might even say downright sneaky.

His Lordship is thrilled that I am so besotted with the camera and I have persuaded him that I'm seriously into Red Peppers this week.

I'm so cool too about a booking enquiry in two weeks time that I'm being thrown puzzled looks as I'm acting totally out of character, positively whistling gaily without a care in the world and studying the computer screen with extra added interest in fact.

Then the penny drops and my cover is completely blown. Some idiot (and it wasn't me) shut the cat in the house for the night. There's such a thing as too much detail but suffice to say the camera is removed gently but firmly from my hands. The computer is switched off and I'm told I've drawn the 'short straw'.

No amount of offering to do painting of doors all day or even the offer of a lemon crusted sponge cake which is a speciality of mine is going to swing it for me.

The entire operation is executed in less than ten minutes however whereas the painting of the doors very much remains. Furthermore now that I'm feeling revved up with the booking lurking so near I'm sure that I shall be able to find a whole lot more woodwork that needs sprucing up.

Which will leave me with time to play with my camera wouldn't you say ?

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