Monday, 26 February 2007

Bright Red Peppers

It's been a very uninspiring grey day with small patches of sunshine making a hazy breakthrough. It's no good pretending that it's an endless stream of hot sunny days where the sky is an iridescent blue. Oh no, since Friday afternoon when it was so hot I downed tools and stripped off round the pool and soaked up those heavenly warm rays its been very average.

Progress on the house has been slow really. I've painted a peacock blue bathroom a soothing cream but as it was high up on the third floor and north facing I was in the shade and could only look down jealously at His Lordship who was busy planting up an assortment of roses and a bed of sweet peas in the garden below. Today I should have cleared out the fireplace in the master bedroom which still holds the ashes from the roaring log fires over Christmas but motivation is at an all time low.

To pep myself up apart from sneaking two flippers which are mini versions of Snicker Bars and very moreish indeed I took a picture of a red pepper. Not for any particular reason only that it was bright and cheery.

Wallflowerinsists that I work everyday at promoting Le Chateau on the internet and that includes my humble blog. Any publicity is good publicity one supposes, unless it's your obituary of course. for a picture of the roaring log fire in the Master Bedroom

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