Cool Comfort Zone

Short of buying a new camera I'm stuck for the next few days until I can thrust the new piece of computer gadgetry at 2b. When the camera shop viewed my ancient and decrepid digital camera, all of five years old, the suggestion was that I would be better off buying a new one. When I replied that I would be able to afford to if they came and stayed at Le Chateau for a week we seemed to arrive at stalemate.

To dispel my gloom that I was in the UK minus my beloved camera working I suggested to the 'Golden Oldies' that we adjourn to The Bull Hotel in Bridport. According to their blurb this is a 'cool comfort zone' along with being 'fun and funky' and where 'stressed out urbanites will find an oasis of calm'.(Daily Mail) Le Chateau is all of those things too, but I'm not sure that when you are marketing to a variety of nationalities the translation of these fabby marketing phrases wouldn't put some people off, know what I mean ?

Afterwards we went for some fresh air or should I say lashings of biting wind and pelting rain on Burton Bradstock Beach. We didn't go onto the beach itself because the weather was so rough and there were patches of oil from the Napoli. The huge waves roaring and breaking onto the sand made me shudder. This was the spot where His Lordship nearly lost his life, and seeing this large strong man tossed in the surf like a rag doll and the look of sheer fright on his face as he battled for his life it would have been churlish of me not to have proposed on the spot as he was flung onto the beach.

No-one is missing me in the slightest so it seems. They were all sitting out and sunning themselves on the terrace. The Small Cross One had flooded the shower so that it seeped through the apartment. Nobody seemed even slightly perturbed or fazed by this volume of water creeping along the floors.

I can only draw one conclusion.

Le Chateau offers stressed out urbanites an oasis of calm. In this fun and funky atmosphere you can unwind in the cool comfort zone.

Sounds great, can't wait to get back.


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