Holiday bookings

Two phone calls early this morning. One from a nice sounding Grandpa bringing his family on holiday to see if his deposit had arrived. It had, along with a very jolly postcard from Chantilly depicting the Chateau and the stables. Interesting to note that the stables are larger and grander by far than the Chateau itself. Shortly afterwards a Spanish lady phoned for the same week and was dismayed to find that it had now gone. "Did I have another house she could rent" ? It flitted through my mind briefly that if I had two houses on the scale of Le Chateau I would be dead rather than half dead with all the work involved but as her English was limited and my Spanish even more so I could not share this nugget of infomation with her.

Last night the sky resembled something from that scene in Independence Day heralding an extremely rough night for us. All 34 sets of shutters were battened down against the howling gale that ensued. When you consider that this performance is repeated on a twice daily basis it's easy to see where the time goes.

I wondered idly yesterday why no-one had taken a look at the wonderful website of Le Chateau. Consoling myself with the thought that for once, as inconceivable as it appeared to me, no-one actually wanted to either look at or book a holiday with me I busied myself with other matters. It wasn't until later when I tapped into that I found the page was a very upsetting shade of white and totally blank.

A wave of horror swept over me. Supposing it had occured last week whilst I was busy enjoying the delights of Dorset ? Is it any wonder then that hidden at the back of the kitchen cupboard is a large packet of Cadburys Chocolate Digestives to deal with such moments of stress ?


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