Friday, 2 February 2007

Little Black Dress

Had the dreamiest of dreams last night. I blame the 'Golden Oldies' for filling my head with visions of sumptuous dinner dances before I nodded off. I was having a wonderful time and my favourite little black dress pictured above was slightly loose rather than the cruel reality of being slightly 'snug'. It's made of the softest lined velvet with beautiful delicate lace.
If I were to take the approach of Hollywood starlets whom, if we are to believe everything we read, consider wine to be the devil's tipple and would not wish to be caught dead drinking it, then I would be bathing in it instead. In 1993 a certain bod at Bordeaux University discovered vinotherapy. Research reveals that grape seeds have priceless benefits for the skin and of course keeps those unwanted inches off the waist and hips.
Which leaves me shunning the pleasures of a glass of wine, pouring it over myself in copious quantites as I only have a shower and sitting back and watching everyone else having the most marvellous time whilst I wait for my dress to fit.

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