Thursday, 1 February 2007

Non Fumeurs

The new law of no smoking anywhere in public, except perhaps a crafty drag in your own loo, came into force in France today. The land of the Gauloises cigarette and haze filled cafes is soon to be a distant memory. In Carcassonne today cafes that were usually filled with people nursing a coffee and a cigarette watching the world go by seemed to be carrying on as normal only without the cloud of smoke.

2b bounces in and announces that more people than usual lit up at break time today. I inform him that not only is there a 68 euro fine imposed but a further whacking 450 euros slapped on top for non prompt payment. Furthermore I will not be paying any fines that may arise.

He is simply unperturbed, and so he should be, he's a teenager and in the brief state of bliss that we are all allowed between being a child and becoming an adult. His first love has reached 18 and is about to take possession of a new car. Suddenly he has wriggled out of all other commitments and is smiling at all and sundry.

One of the 'Golden Oldies' phones up tonight and informs me they are going to a 'dinner and dance'. I don't know why but the phrase conjures up memories of them in the 70's to me. Full length evening dresses with strappy sparkly shoes and hair piled high. Bright blue eyeshadow and pale lipstick with plenty of mascara on top.

2b re-appears and I fix him with a smirk. "What's your problem"? he enquires. "Nothing" I say sweetly " and start laughing.

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