Snow capped Pyrenees

Everyone gets mightily bored of me waxing lyrical about the snow capped Pyrenees that can be viewed from my office window. As most people visit in the summer they don't even believe I can see them, never mind catching the stupendous sight of them covered with the white stuff. In the early evening as the sun sinks slowly down they are positively breathtaking, never mind when all you can see is a startling deep purple outline of their stark beauty.
Talking of stark beauty The Small Cross One is restless and prowling around me. She's picked up my camera now and is busy taking moody and meaningful shots of herself in full harsh daylight. She pokes the camera up close and before I know whats happening I'm looking back at myself on the computer screen. Momentarily I falter as the full horror sinks in. "Not looking so Yummy Mummy now are you"? she shrieks. "No" I say morosely, "Cherie Blair looks more appealing". After a while we decide that Sally Chateau must cut an aloof and mysterious figure.
Of course if you come and stay at Le Chateau you'll be able to judge for yourself ...


Anonymous said…
howeveryoung a prune may be it's always black and wrinkled, ho ho ho guess who?????????

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