Thursday, 29 March 2007

48 hours to go and counting down

It's easy to get your Mysa Vattens mixed up with your Mysa Latts as I managed to yesterday. Why I even got the day wrong that I was due to be swallowed up in the cavernous blue and yellow warehouse and what with everything being in Swedish AND French I never really stood a fighting chance.

So here I am. Precisely forty eight hours to go before visit of Inspectors of guide I really want to get into. It's not so much want as must. Its not so much a case of deciding to run a house rental on the side as a 'jolly' whilst we enjoy the laid back lifestyle and the sun in the South of France. No, its a case of one last herculean effort to get our project off the ground and to provide a living of sorts for two ex farmers who became disillusioned with policies from Brussels and the tempremental weather, however lovely the British Isles are fruit growers are always beholden to Mother Nature.

The jolly old roofers (we won't let you down we 'promise') are due to roll up the drive in their battered white van to coincide nicely with Inpectors arrival. That's if it stops raining of course. Sixteen excited Spanish are even now contemplating their Easter break at Le Chateau. His Lordship is primed to explain the intricacies of the Aga to them. 'No it does nothing but cook, no it does not provide hot water, no it does not do the heating' Incredulous silence always ensues.

So rather than being in the hands of Mother Nature our future now lies in the Lap of the Gods. I am hoping and praying that they will be instantly smitten as they walk into the house as I was on a sultry July evening, that the beautiful panelling so lovingly restored will delight them. That the handsome features of our village house will win over their hearts.

But if, for whatever reason, they decide that Le Chateau is not going to appear in their glossy brochure for 'discerning guests' then I will know one thing for sure. That I, along with my family have put every last ounce of energy and love into our venture. And that we will all have done our best, and if we don't get chosen, well what are you all waiting for ? we're open for business !

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