Saturday, 3 March 2007

Dozing off

It took most of the afternoon for French Telecom to set up all the new lines for the assortment of phones and other paraphernalia required to keep in touch with the outside world. Accompanied by much huffing and puffing the computer was finally positioned into its new surroundings. I was delighted. Everything seemed so fit so neatly and seemed, to me at least, highly organised and the height of efficiency. I sat down excited and ready for action. Only nothing glowed in the right place and it turned out that it had been connected to the wrong outlet. So much for progress, I was phoneless and computerless. A glass of red wine was in order after a long week.
His Lordship soon got it all up and running however and this morning we sat and had breakfast in a relaxed manner on the terrace. A delightful soft boiled egg with a hint of sea salt sprinkled on top accompanied by a fresh baguette, for a split second I could have been on holiday myself.
Seeing as there is now only a wall to look at unless I swivel round on the chair to decide whether to waste a few moments loitering on the terrace I'm feeling mighty driven and bossy to boot this afternoon. I'm wasting my time though. the warmth of the afternoon sun has driven everyone intoto a Saturday afternoon stuper. Even the cats called it a day and

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