Sunday, 11 March 2007

Happy 100

Thank you thank you most fervently to whoever is responsible for
a) the beautiful warm weather today and
b) ensuring that the master in-house chef has recovered sufficiently to assist le sous-chef.

Hurraaaaaaah all is wonderful. The long range weather forecast is optimistic with large smiley yellow suns on yahoo weather for Carcassonne. His Lordship has rolled back the cover on the pool and its waters are twinkling a seductive turquoise. Spring flowers are gently pushing their way upwards towards the clear blue sky and the mimosa is still in full bloom.

This evenings menu for the arrival of our guests is mouthwatering and the bottle of delicious sparkling Blanquette de Limoux, a seriously good alternative to champagne is chilling in the fridge. The Aga lit like a dream and is gently pushing out a steady soothing heat.

Nothing can possibly go wrong, can it ?

His Lordship comes in looking rather grave. He sighs deeply, pausing for effect before he delivers his words. "You've picked up a bottle of demi-sec instead of Brut" says.

Happy 100th posting Sally's Chateau.

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