Sunday, 18 March 2007

MOTHERS DAY from the South of France

Oh sure, being down here in the South of France has its perks but today is Mothering Sunday and my Mother is miles away in a tiny Dorset village spending Mother's Day without her beloved daughter. Moi.

It was a pointless excercise me lying in bed dreaming that loving little children would come bounding in excitedly clutching homemade cards proclaiming me to be the 'best mummy in the whole wide world'. No, sadly those days are past although I have been 'promised' masses of help today, when they eventually stir I suppose. Today I must not show any signs of stress whatsover or mention that I have my first large party of guests arriving for Easter. Today I must not mention that the Inspectors of a certain well known travel guide arrive in precisely 12 days time (heavens, so soon). No today I am going to attempt to be lovely, funny, relaxed, attentive, serene, joyful, all singing, all dancing super 'Yummy Mummy'.

Which brings me back to my own Mother so many miles away. There are many ways to show your Mother that you care for and love her without resorting to the mass commercialism that now surrounds every sacred and special event in the calendar. Today for example I could have picked her our very first iris that has appeared in the garden, shown her the glorious flowering jasmin filling the dining room with its heavenly scent, taken a walk together nattering incessantly along every step of the way. Such a wonderful way to excercise and embrace the pure fresh country air, don't you think ? But she is there and I am here.

So I guess its business as usual here at Le Chateau. Beds to strip, rooms to air, bathrooms to clean, wilting flowers to throw away.

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