Monday, 5 March 2007

Oh to be in England........... that April's there, (well March actually) but I'm not going to argue with Robert Brownings sentiments , who did after all, die in Venice dreaming of England. Well I'm not dreaming, I'm right here! Although, last night in utterly torrential rain on the M25 it was more like a nightmare. Tucked away amongst the Dorset hills we eventually reached our secluded gamekeepers cottage once I had cleared away a fallen tree and we had fumbled in the pitch black with various keys.

Today we were rewarded by banks of primroses and daffodils glowing in the sunshine. A tiny fluffy rabbit sat on the bank and watched us nervously. Magic !

However, the rain returned in the afternoon but I had managed to hand out quite a few of my new business cards depicting the sunflowers which will surround us in July and be a blaze of riotous colour providing a dream location for photographers and artists alike.

Just to make sure the sun was still out on my lovely swimming pool I took a quick peek

Looked fabulous.

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