Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Roast Pork with crackling

Another day dawns here at Le Chateau in deepest rural France. Luckily for me I am of the early bird variety which is just as well, twittering along together as we contemplate the challenges of another day. First things first. Accompanied by my own special mix of English tea, half Co-Op 99, half Lapsang souchong, I know, I know, 'nowt so queer as folk, I eagerly scan all the incoming e mails. There's nothing quite so invigorating as running your own enterprise. Or exhausting. I am dismayed to see a request from an Australian lady wanting a two week rental when I had, against my better judgement, taken a mid week booking. His Lordship had been of the opinion that a 'bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'. Have just written extolling the virtues of mid-week travel to them.

Fabulous fiery gold sun is slowly emerging over the hills of the Corbieres, where incidentally I had the most magnificent lunch yesterday of roast pork WITH crackling taken alongside a truly beautiful mosaic tiled pool in the early warmth of the spring . We cannot get this wonderful cut of pork here so it was a truly rare treat.

The guests seem to be enjoying their stay so far. After yesterday's lunch the 'juggling monkey' (moi) rushed back to rustle up a delectable four course meal. This morning they can expect freshly laid eggs from Mme whose girlies cluck soothingly at the bottom of our garden. I like to feel we have a rapport as I push through fresh spinach leaves to them every morning but it could be a sentimental thing. Accompanied by croissants from our small epicerie, the centre of information and exchange in the village, its a wholly different affair next door to the frantic scrabbling going on around the kitchen table here.

There are 96 letterboxes here in the village according to His Lordship. He has just announced that he has volunteered that I am to deliver 20 invitations to join the campaign to spruce up the village. "Is this before or after breakfast" ? I enquire calmly. "Just let me know won't you where to place the starting block this morning" !

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