Wednesday, 11 April 2007

24 hour holiday

Wallflower the Queen Bee of ebay is on the phone demanding to know why I haven’t written a blog for three days. ‘Are you alright’ she says, ‘Fine’ I reply. Pause. ‘So do you have a computer problem then’ ? she persists. She’s ace at computers too. ‘No’ and there’s a moments hesitation on my side, it’s just that I’ve been boringly busy shoveling copious quantities of towels and sheets into machines and lugging them onto the line all day. That’s thirty two powder blue towels in two sizes. Riveting stuff.

His Lordship has picked a large bunch of yellow tulips that have appeared in the garden. I notice too that the landscape has a splash of vibrant colour in the distance with the fields of rape seed. Whilst sneaking off for a well deserved twenty four hour break from fluffy towels a very large flat screen TV has appeared on my coffee table in the sitting room, along with lots of squashed peanuts on the floor and huge dents in the sofa’s. It’s not my television, they are not my squashed peanuts but they are my sofa’s and I would like it all back to how it was before I went away. Pronto.

Never mind, last night I was gazing at large gathering of Flamingo’s arching their graceful necks and standing sedately in the dwindling evening sun. Small Oyster Catchers were darting amongst the still waters whilst a couple of Storks circled the inland salt water lake on the coast line of the Languedoc before making their descent into the calm waters. A long road stretched straight ahead seemingly never ending into the far hills gently folding into the gathering darkness.

After that brief moment of tranquility The Small Cross One and I adjourned to a smoky filled local bar where we proceeded to thrash the French in a game of darts, much to their amusement and ours.

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