Tuesday, 17 April 2007

In flagrante

I could hear the footsteps urgently striding towards me down the corridor. ‘Where are you’? he demanded. ‘I know exactly what you are up to’ . Seconds later the bedroom door crashed open. For a moment the sudden exposure of light made me befuddled and I blinked nervously like a rabbit does caught in the sudden glare of the headlights. He looked wildly around until finally his eyes rested on the bed. ‘You thought I wouldn’t find out didn’t you ? His voice was barely a hoarse whisper, ‘thought you could carry on as though nothing had changed. Our eyes locked together. I was on the defensive immediately. ‘For heavens sake’ I protested ’ I’m not the first and I certainly wouldn’t be the last’ don’t tell me you haven’t done the same or at least thought about it at one time or another’ ‘It doesn’t make it acceptable or any easier to bear’ he said sadly, ‘I thought this only happened to other people’.

For a while we both stared miserably at the floor neither of us daring to speak. He moved decisively and opened the bathroom door with a bang. Nothing, save for a damp towel hanging forlornly on the wooden stand. A swift look under the bed and behind the curtains clarified that they were bereft of any occupation of any kind whatsoever.

‘I thought for a moment’ he murmured and trailed off. ‘I know you did’ I said gently, ‘and I promise that if things ever get that bad between us, well, we’ll keep on talking it through. We both smiled weakly.

‘You will let me know though won’t you? He persisted, let me know if you ever even consider it, sneaking off to bed with the laptop ? I laughed perhaps a touch too brightly and held up my improving book, proof if ever there was that I had it all under control, this habit of mine.

‘Would you like a cup of tea then’ ? he enquired pleasantly. ‘That would be just the ticket’ I said.

P.S Guests at Le Chateau Lasserre are offered the option of a television/WiFi free holiday should they choose. !!


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