Saturday, 21 April 2007

Musings from Le Chateau

The church clock has just struck ten. The Cockerel gave up hours ago, far too hot for him to be sitting on his perch anyway, he’s gone into the shade and is busy scratching around and enjoying the attention of his female companions.

His Lordship has just rolled back in The Grand Duchess with tales of being flagged down in the street by admirers of her sleek lines. We once found a photograph of her in the local paper, needless to say the gracious old lady had taken it all in her stride and maintained a dignified silence.

Le Chateau is also at her best this morning, how do you know she is a ‘she’ you might wonder ? Well apart from a leisurely amble round her gardens first thing where I delighted in seeing the first poppy emerge in the flower beds I have also had the pleasure of wandering in and out of her many rooms opening up the shutters as I went. I was struck by the cool ,calmness and serenity of her interior. Which is why like The Grand Duchess I know her gender. Same principles, classic, ageless, adapting to change seamlessly over the years. And still after all this time giving the utmost of pleasure to those lucky enough to make her acquaintance.

I’m right yes ? No, apparently His Lordship is of a different opinion. Oh well on such a heavenly weekend for once we’ll beg to differ.


Urban Chick said...

oh gosh, beautiful photos

would that i were in southern france and not the overcast scottish capital right now!

Posie Rosie said...

Wow Sally, your blog is looking so good, well done you, I am hust getting the hang of things, haven't managed to post a photo yet.

muddyboots said...

yes good idea, cowgirlsuk aka milkmaid is thinking along the same lines too - rural /farming issues as they really are not dressed up in flowery sillyness??

countrymousie said...

In total awe of your site - lordie lordie.
Very amused by your comment - I think the calendar first, and then perhaps a musical and then a film -Andrew Lloyd wotsite could choose the lead. A comp for lead would be good.
I will try and shed a few pounds for the shots of me on the mower and get a tan - a pink mouse is not a pretty sight. Too too silly