Thursday, 5 April 2007


The Aga is purpose built for Naturist cooking announces His Lordship with not even so much as a hint of a smirk. In fact we all soon realise that he is deadly serious. It gives new meaning to the expression ‘The Naked Chef’, cue Jamie Oliver.

Forever searching for fresh ideas in which to surge our way forward and stand out in the terribly crowded market of house rental here in France His Lordship and I spend many a (happy) hour debating the pro’s and con’s of our various ideas. Gorgeous pictures depicting the house are not enough to draw in the required numbers at the start of our new venture. It seems however that there is one delicate area in which draws the viewers in surprisingly high numbers according to my ‘statistics’ page of my website. My recent blog entitled Naturist Holidays has had them drawn to my humble home page like butterflies to a buddleia. It would be indiscreet of me to say which countries flag is flying most prominently on my page but it’s not red, white and blue that’s for sure.

So now we are now caught on the horns of a dilemma. Do I bother yearning for and acquiring some much needed items to perk up my summer wardrobe and stay a textile ? Or will I be required to practice as I preach ?

A warm welcome is guaranteed to our naturist friends who can enjoy a super secluded spot in the garden with which to embrace nature.

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