Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sally's Sunday

Feeling particularly pleased with myself today and thought it would be nice to share it with you. Despite torrential rain and miserable scurrying grey clouds the visit from the Inspectors went well. Done and dusted, polished to perfection so to speak, and Heavens weren't we just that ? Everyone performed insofar as 2b got blearily out of bed and The Small Cross One too at some ungodly hour as decreed by me. Hardly happy banter time or even whistling as you work, but you know we all got there.

Anyway no peace for the wicked and His Lordship cruelly turfed me out of bed this morning just when I was devising a mean sort of April Fool's joke. "We have a lot to do today" he announced gravely, gosh tell me something I don't know I thought to myself but kept a tactful silence.

He became very talkative during the Inspectors' visit yesterday and insisted on showing them The Grand Duchess who was minding her own business in the garage. Surrounded quite literally by everything I wanted out of sight, old fridge, wheelbarrow full of rubbish, half dismantled bikes, the giveaway remains of frantically unwrapped sleek teak wooden furniture placed at a seductive slant around the pool, copious baskets of washing to be dealt with. Fortunately, The Grand Duchess holds her own and once they were seated comfortably in the leather interior and admiring her walnut dashboard my grimacing must have been barely noticeable.

Anyway lest you might be under the impression I'm resting on my laurels I'll have you know that as we speak I'm mentally calculating how long I can keep going today before I collapse in a weary heap. The builder did turn up to do the roof but we seem to be having a mini hurricane today so he cannot go up there. It's blowing in straight off the Mediterranean. Still 18 hours to go before large group of Spanish turn up, I suppose you can achieve a lot in 18 hours. I'll let you know.

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