Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Snail takes a doze....momentarily

The Spaniards arrived in huge sleek black cars looking slightly bewildered. Out they all poured, excited small children bouncing around and running from room to room and floor to floor, exclaiming loudly at their reflections in front of the large floor to ceiling mirror. Someone lifted the lid of the piano and started practicing their scales. The adults looked incredulously at the Aga as His Lordship explained that it was hot the entire time. They threw a few drops of water onto the hot ring and jumped back laughing as it hissed defiantly at them. Soon five gorgeous young Spanish children were busy doing what children love to do, all sitting beautifully in a row at the large table in the kitchen with an assortment of crayons and felt tips and piles and piles of paper. The lego train set had been found and was busy being erected snaking its track through the interconnecting rooms.

I had quietly walked through the house previously. It had looked simply stunning. Three months of sheer hard work since moving out had finally finished and here we were, handing over the keys to new people who were going to live in our home for a week. I can’t pretend it’s not strange, I won’t pretend that given the choice that it is what I would have chosen. It is however perhaps a solution to a problem.

Which leaves me with one extremely challenging three bedroom apartment to work my magic on. Do you know what ? I might just take the day off, or the morning at the very least.

How I earnt the nickname Snail is beyond me.


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