Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Spanish Cava

His Lordship held the bottle of Spanish Cava aloft with barely concealed delight. ’ Our visitors work for producers of the sparkling stuff’ he announced., ‘got crates of it in the boot’. ‘I want Cadburys cream eggs, mini eggs and Hot Cross Buns I retorted sourly for I had taken to my sick bed, exhausted and sneezing copiously and wanting lashings of sympathy and indulgence in all things I can’t get over here for my Easter festival.

This morning though they all departed to the local producer of Limoux sparkling Cremante which I guess is the equivalent to their local Cava for a tasting session. I don’t know how they fared because they are taking their customary afternoon siesta, they tend to wake up to continue their day when I am retiring to bed. This is the beauty and the novelty of having visitors from different countries and cultures. This is where even though you may not speak the same language hearts and minds can be so alike. This is when it finally becomes rewarding and you forget all the lonely long hours over the winter months as you struggle to set up your new enterprise.

Meanwhile His Lordship has taken it upon himself to adopt his visitors habits too and is taking a siesta. Time to bang a few saucepans methinks or rev up the vacuum cleaner. A sure sign I’m beginning to feel better.

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