Bob Marley arrives at Le Chateau

A quite unexpected little drama happened at Le Chateau last Friday. With 30 minutes to go before an important rendevous I rushed into the bedroom dripping from the shower hastily reaching for clothes and hairdryer simultaneously. The bed resembled more of a large whipped white meringue than usual but I took scant notice. I became aware however of a rather pitiful sound being emitted from somewhere in the centre and peered at the bed. Imagine my surprise when there lay a newborn kitten with Maman looking rather fiercely at me. The look in her eyes told me that my presence was not required anywhere in the vicinity of her newborn and there followed a rather farcical scenario of grabbing basic essentials and beating a hasty retreat.

His Lordship was completely unperturbed by the event. 'Do something' I said, 'exactly what' ? was his reply and I was bundled into the car feeling rather dazed and skew whiff to say the least and felt at a distinct disadvantage for the rest of the afternoon.

When we got back he made a splendid bed from a cardboard box and we lined it with old fluffy pullovers. I must say she was a bit sniffy at first and for the next two mornings insisted on bringing the newborn onto the bed as we were taking morning tea.

Le Chat as she is known had taken herself off to another residence for a while whilst yet another rescued animal, an enormous ferocious hound known as Basil had ruled Le Chateau. After his sad demise she snuck back in very quickly and is the most prolific mouser I have ever seen.

Now everyone agrees that the new edition is rather sweet but it is acknowledged that a name must be sought. I had called the large hound after my vaccume cleaner and he did rather suit the name in a funny way. But why you would want to call a tiny sweet bundle of fluff Bob Marley is beyond my comprehension completely.

So there you go, Bob Marley arrives at Le Chateau !


countrymousie said…
I adore kitten and I used to be a huge huge Bob Marley fan - no woman no cry and all that!!
Was there just the one little fluffy thing. Now gone all broody for a kitten!
I also like a man who is kind to cats - his Lordship is growing on me rather quickly. love mousie
Frances said…
Oh yes to Bob Marley, everything is gonna be all right...
That is a picture to make anyone say ooooh, aaaahh. Softness.

I thank you also for the baking tip. When I do get around to trying the recipe, I will certainly let you know of the results.

Best wishes to all at the chateau.
How lovely, be it all a little exciting in your household I can imagine on Friday!

Bob Marley-Great name BTW. And am also very impressed with His Lordship and his kindness.

warm wishes
Un Peu Loufoque said…
Bob Marley persumabley becasue of the wailing? What a darling little bundle of loveliness and how honoured you must feel that she felt secure enough to give birth on your bed!

Clever old mummy cat she certainly has landed on her feet !
jackofall said…
Qu'il est mignon! Quel chat, oh!
But where, forgive me, is there any evidence of His Lordship's kindness (unless it was one of his fluffy jumpers lining the box, which I somehow doubt)? All I see is evidence of his imperturbability, which is only right and proper in one of his standing - problems are for other people to deal with.
toady said…
Marley the cat sounds good to me. I went to see BM and the Wailers at the Crystal Palace Rose Bowl in 1970 something. Brilliant.
muddyboots said…
good name, ours is just 'pussy' whilst her mother [now deseased] was Grumpy Knickers.
annakarenin said…
thank goodness mine has had more than one as I we are keeping one and then how would we have funded the toilet!! It looks very cute though. Will get some photo's and a blog up when she has eventually finished giving birth.
Suffolkmum said…
Love the name. Very sweet! (the kitten, I ean, not the name!)
Pondside said…
Sweet minou! Lucky you!
How did the meeting at the Lycee go?

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