Friday, 4 May 2007

Le Chateau the mystery unveiled

Well here it is, the one you have been holding your breath for. I sure hope you feel it was worth the wait and if you didn’t, well you know where you can stick your comments ? At the bottom of the blog of course.

I must say before His Lordship takes the platform to explain in layman terms and indeed those who wish to delve into this fascinating fact further I am providing a link, I would like to thank everyone for their fascinating observations.

Ventilation in hot climates has always been a challenge. However, the Arabs understood the effect of wind and the way that rising hot air draws in cooler air. They also seem to have understood the Venturi effect whereby allowing fast moving air ie: wind to pass over a pipe air will be drawn out of the pipe by the lower pressure of the fast moving air. This can be used to draw air through a house as was the case at Le Chateau. If you have not fallen asleep by now and wish to refer to this matter further refer to Ch08 wind escape on google.

The picture shows what remains and how it was linked into the house. Further proof to be found within the house was inconveniently removed and until I risked life and limb to bring you this world exclusive picture and searched in vain for the remains of the pipe, some long and distant memory came flooding back to me of a builder nearly decapitating himself on it.

And so it is dear readers that I announce in very hushed tones indeed that jackfall (is there a way to make my type smaller) seems to be rather close to the mark. And having investigated jacko fall rather more closely I see that he is involved in some way with a rather strange family up in Brittany and he may, I fear, come down and claim his half price weekend.

However hope is on the horizon. His Lordship did say that if I got one single solitary booking whatsoever through my b***** blogging then he would eat his hat, now that could be interesting !


Inthemud said...

Well! I would never have guessed that in a month of Sundays!! But Well done Jackofall!
And thanks Sally for thre fun and intrigue!
What next?

jackofall said...

Salut, La Châtelaine!

Chuffed as I am to have got the answer nearly right, I think we are too beast and bird encumbered to be able to pop down for a weekend, but there is another way you can open it up.

There is a get-out clause in the competition rules (there's a sentence designed to bring ire to the mind of Peeved of Purplecombe!):

I quote: "he has rashly offered a half price weekend for up to six people at Le Chateau (subject to availability) for the most imaginative guess ! (in his sole opinion)".

NOT the closest guess, but the most imaginative, and in his sole opinion, so that's the ball in His Lordship's court.

As we have already discovered the delights of your part of France, and will probably back there for the measly week I get off in summer, I think it only fair to let others have the pleasure of time spent there.

lixtroll said...

I still say it's a loo!

Brownmouse said...

Well hubbie better start deciding how he wants that hat cooked because I'm determined I'm going to visit before too long once the restaurant summer rush is over! it looks simply stunning.


Bonsoir at Le Chateau. Well, you lost me somewhere around the Ventura effect or whatever it was. The Google08 god knows what had me reaching for the sherry...In other words I am just as in the dark as before!!

Now, perhaps you can clarify something which has been vexing me since reading something on Purplecoo Jackofall indeed the Chef Patissier?? Sorry, I can be terribly slow of the mark sometimes...and now I see his comment on this blog. Am I right? Or am I stupid??

By the way, haven't quite understood the purpose of word verification (below). Is it for those with sight problems or to keep out the blind paedophiles?


Sorry, me again. Meant to say, ton mari would get on rather well with mine I think - B****y Blogging slips quite frequently from his lips these days...