Friday, 18 May 2007

Tecktonik at Le Chateau

It's 2b's big night tonight. Here at Le Chateau we have an 18th birthday bash. Preparations have been going on for weeks, or so it seems. It even entailed a trip to Andorra the local duty free haven to stock up on essential supplies for some 60 or so of his close friends. Fortunately for me I have a house full of guests so the question never arose as to where the party might be held and I have to say I'm fully relieved that the venue is in the local salle de fêtes. The thought of fishing teenagers out of the pool at some ungodly hour does not appeal in the slightest.

I've pleasantly suggested that I shall be popping by early on in the proceedings to see how his soirée is progressing. I'm met with an incredulous stare. 'You won't like the music' he states. 'Try me' I retort. 'David Gvetta, Joachim Garraud, Earl Cox and Eriz Prydz he replies. I fix him with a blank stare. Not wishing to concede defeat so early on I inform him that I shall look forward to having a small dance perhaps. This is an even worse suggestion apparently and there are hoots of derision. 'Into Tecktonik are you then' ?

Still, I am the boy's Mother and as such it is my duty to ensure that he has a memorable occasion insofar as possible so I persist valiantly and ask him what he will be wearing for the evening. 'Evisu and my Temps des Cerises jeans' comes from the rapidly departing back.

I'm now completely and utterly lost and decide that as it is a Friday afternoon I shall partake of a small glass of chilled orange liqueur made by a friend's Maman, the recipe a jealously guarded family secret. After a while I begin to mellow as I stroll around the garden admiring the most prolific roses climbing along behind the lavender that we have ever had.

Soon the dawn of understanding begins to emerge as I unravel 2b's conversation. Oh yes, I feel I shall be more than ready to party !


Un Peu Loufoque said...

Good Lord dear lets all go shall we madmae grognonne I am sure knows how to deal with young boys coming of age!! Perhaps it might be wiser if you and his Lordship slipped away for champagne cocktails together on the terrace...and left dare I say it the young to "do their thing" But do remember to lock up small cross one first we don't want her head turned by all the goings on!!

Suffolkmum said...

Hope he has fun! Oh dear I'm dreading the age when I embarass my offspring - if it hasn't already arrived, that is.

muddyboots said...

hope it goes well, harry has decided to wait until 21 for the BIG one. a few years respite.

Pondside said...

I hope it all goes well and everyone has lots of fun and stays safe!
I have been an embarrassment to the children and am now at the point where my opinion is sought and I'm invited to join their 'do's' As the sayin goes, the older my children get, the smarter I become (in their eyes)