Friday, 18 January 2008

Naturists arrive at Le Chateau

Sometimes, just sometimes, I have an 'off day'. That's when things don't go according to plan or at the end of the day I don't retire with a 'sense of achievement'. Sally's Chateau is a 'real' person not just a figment of my imagination or a clever marketing ploy you know.

Take yesterday for example. A monumental downpour saw me reaching for my old and battered Barbour kept on a hook in the garage. Not only did it stop me looking like a drowned rat when I reached my destination it kept the rather nasty drip drip drip from the soft top of my golf convertible merrily soaking me. I know, I know, serves me right for having an open top car to enjoy in the South of France albeit that she is at least 20 years old. What is it with old cars and houses that they seem to attach themselves to me ?

Anyway the most awful disaster occurred. Still pouring cats and dogs and pitch black I drove the car into the garage. Stumbling about in the semi dark I proceeded to close the doors. Large wooden complicated affairs you wouldn't think that a small black kitten would decide to try and escape through the tiny gap as the door was being firmly shut against wind and rain. Opening them seemed to take forever with her backside frantically scrabbling for freedom and the head the other side screeching and wailing loudly. Not nice, not nice at all. Fortunately the damage was not as severe as you might first imagine and this morning she seems none the worse for her adventure. I however am going to get bad luck for the rest of my life according to my family although the Small Cross One did concede that it 'probably' wasn't my fault. Great, just great. I'll keep you all posted.

The one highlight of the week was that we had some lovely visitors who kept us wonderfully amused. A keen naturist our visitor recounted the story of how he went to Alton Towers to promote his book, The Reluctant Nudist, butt naked all weekend naturally. His description of creeping out of the hotel room to go to the presentation was hysterical. 'Was it a large presentation folder then' ? I asked in all innocence naturally. Ooops time to go to bed. His Lordship had to be refrained from playing the piano but I couldn't stop him plonking the 19th century hats that adorn the Dining Room of Le Chateau on the assembled guests heads.

It's what makes us special I guess......... we are REAL people !!

Oh I almost forgot, a quick snapshot of the Pyrenees from my terrace yesterday taken with a zoom lens.


Zoë said...

In Europe, Black Cats are Good Luck! Why do you think I have 2? I need all the help I can get!

Wonderful picture, and I hope the weather improves soon.

Elizabethd said...

You seem to have our weather, hope it will improve soon.

Frances said...

I think you and that kitten will have many happy days together!

That view! You really do live in a marvelous place, and your being their makes it more so.


lampworkbeader said...

Ah ha, a squashed cat and rain. Now I won't feel so jealous.
Lovely picture. All I can see from my windows are rain and mud.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Beautiful photo. Poor kitty, I hope she's not traumatised with her mishap!

Crystal xx

LittleBrownDog said...

Snow-capped mountains - gorgeous. Glad to hear the kitten was none the worse for wear and I'm sure the sun will come out again soon.

LBD xx

snailbeachshepherdess said...

what will you get up to next?...cats in garage door, dripping barbours and nude men at Alton Towers....

ChrisH said...

Poor cat and poor you - but you both seem to have come through it. Your new blog looks ravishing (as does this one, sigh.).

Grouse said...

If the children ever made a fuss I always calmed them with the question: 'Did anybody die?'
All baby animals are rubber, fortunately.

I'm sure for anyone else this story would have ended in tears, but how could that be chez Sally?
Certainly not!