Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lost in France

I managed to get myself completely lost last night on the banks of the Canal du Midi. I knew the house was somewhere, I knew I was close, so close it was tantalising but I'm blowed if I could find it. The sun was beginning to set beautifully on the Canal so I snapped a shot and tried to remain calm whilst I admired the colour of the Queen Anne's Lace and I guess any other time it would have been peaceful but I was due for supper at friends where His Lordship had been helping them move and was going nowhere fast. In the end with no phone, no fuel and a heavy heart I had to admit defeat and head for home where there seemed to be a raging party throbbing through the village and my early return was viewed with some amusement by the languid youth in the square. I headed for the safety of Le Chateau where the phone was ringing insistently.

'Where are you darling' ? His Lordship sounded a tad concerned, 'you're three hours late, we're coming over to rescue you. 'I don't need or want rescuing' I said but it all fell on deaf ears. By the time I had partaken of a glass or two of local red wine from the Languedoc the beauty of the area had inspired me to plan a cycle tour along the banks of the canal.

Today I was presented with the most beautiful bunch of carmine pink full and droopy roses. 'I nearly reversed the car into the canal last night' I said miserably and everyone hooted with laughter.

But anyway I've been KMHD and MMOB (keeping my head down and minding my own business)for a while so I haven't popped over here for ages.

Forgotten how nice it was, hope you are pleased to see me back.


Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOOOOORgeous picture!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

lovely to see you back for a dose of escapism for one on a windy hillside facing Wales.
Lovely picture.

lampworkbeader said...

Yes very nice piccy,,,

LittleBrownDog said...

Delighted to see you back, Sally. And glad to discover you found your way back home. Indeed it is a beautifully dreamy picture - I didn't realise you were near the Canal du Midi.


Cowgirl said...

Yes, what a lovely shot.

Glad you found the way! And the roses sound sublime... my favourites.

Frances said...

Sally, that picture is so beautiful, really moody, an image to launch so many dreams.

Being lost. That is such a topic. Maybe we should have it on the forum. Are we lost when we cannot find where it it that we thought we were going, or is being lost just not knowing where we are going at all.

As a New Yorker, whose city is laid out in an easy to decypher grid, being lost has a much deeper ring.

If I were to find myself somewhere that looked like the photo that you posted, I would not feel lost. I think that I would think that I had found paradise.


muddyboots said...

have noticed the flights to carcasonne are on a special, so better book mine

KittyB said...

that picture! speechless... (which is quite something for me)!

lingovise said...

all the photos on your blog are beautiful... but this one is completely inspiring! how lucky you are to be surrounded by such beauty. thanks so much for sharing.