Friday, 23 May 2008

Friday at Le Chateau

There's a field closeby to Carcassonne that is simply stunning. Filled to the brim with millions of poppies it has drawn artists and photographers to it like bee's to a honeypot. Viewed from the Ryanair plane as it descends into the airport it must look like a great slash of blood on the landscape. Given the history of the area, the violence and the brutality that went on I suppose its rather apt as you enter Cathar country.

I've got my own little collection of poppies wavering gently amongst all my other wild flowers in the garden. It has to be the prettiest time of year and yesterday I pottered (well hid) nicely amongst all the waist high fauna and did some theraputic weeding. And very nice it was too not to be bothered for an hour or more with just the warblings of a blackbird to keep me company. One of the joy's this year was watching the daily progress of a magnificent Artichoke plant. Or rather it was. Went to go and do my daily inspection today and was mortified to see that the plant was lying dismally on it's side and that the entire area was flattened. All my willowy love in the mist and self seeded beauties that look so becoming were gone. And there lying amongst the debri's was a great big fat self satisfied tom cat. It threw me an insolent look and didn't budge. 'You great heaving bone idle brute, get off my ruddy plants'. He soon scarpered I can tell you leaving his trail of destruction behind as he beat a rapid retreat.

Grumbling to myself I am greeted by the sight of 2b in his swimming attire. 'Thought I would clean the pool from the inside' he announces cheerily. 'And don't forget it's Fête de Maman on Sunday either' I remind him. He smirks which is suspicious.

I suppose I'm supposed to give my children a present, wait on them hand, foot and finger all day. Bound to be the case.

This is France ......


Milla said...

cat loathing clearly an international matter. It is that insolence which is the final straw. Great picture and happy jour de maman or whatever. We've got rain.

Pondside said...

Gorgeous poppies - mine are still tight buds. Cats really aren't my favorite animals, but they are very photogenic!

Inthemud said...

Wonderful field of poppies, i love them. But was always told as a child not to walk through them or pick as you'll get a headache.....don't know if that's true, but they look fantastic. Don't see quite so many round here in such vaste quantities.

Do you mean it's a kind of mother's day but you give gifts to children?

lampworkbeader said...

What a breath taking field of poppies. I can hardly believe they are real. You sure you're not a dab hand with .... no you wouldn't.
As for the cat. You have my sympathy. My dear little moggie ate a blue tit this morning, then rolled my lovely little lettuces quite flat. I've only just got him back from the cattery. If it wasn't so expensive I'd send him straight back.

Frances said...

Beautiful photo, beautifully written blog.

I wish you happy mother's day!
Isn't it funny how countries pick different times to honor their moms?


Blossomcottage said...

Amazing poppies, as for the cat I gave up having them years ago they are far to independant for me,they sit where they like eat when they like and push off next door and become a loyal companion at the drop of a premier tin of cat food.

Grouse said...

There I was thinking we might adopt a cat if it was old and fat enough not to be able to catch I have my borders to worry about- think the farm may have to remain catless....unless I can find an aged obese, AGRAPHOBIC moggy?

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Lovely poppies - they really are one of my favourite flowers . . . I do have some seeds somewhere . . if only I could remember where I put them.

Berludy cat. We have our old cat back - he lived with Wildchild for a couple of years. But I wouldn't choose to have a cat again . . . I like the wild birds too much. Luckily our old cat is indeed very old and spends all his time eating and sleeping . . .

James Wolfe said...

Such an annoying blogsite. Far too evocative. It makes my wife and me homesick!

We lived in the Languedoc for 7 years, but moved here in 2004 for family reasons.

I see you were in Limoux recently, and that you mentioned Mirepoix. We would often take guests (usually self-invited, of course) on a day trip to that area. Coffee in the square in Mirepoix, then lunch at the Hotel de France in Chalabre (they'll take the dog, but only in the pleb's section), followed by a gentle drive on D620 to Limoux. Stop in Limoux at one of the caves and top up the blood level with some sparkle, and convince guests that they should buy a case. For us.

Wines: you will have your favourites, of course, but I'll mention a couple anyway. Sweet red from Banyuls - we'd kill for it right now. A red Minervois, Piccinini at la Lavinière.

Dogs: There's dogs and then there's Black Labs. My elder bitch was born in France, as was one of my cats, Ricard (the other one is Pastis).

Restaurants: Les Beaux Arts in Toulouse; Auberge du Poids Publics, in St-Félix-Lauragais.

I shall visit you again, for it has been enjoyable. Do drop in to see me at
It's not as professional as yours, of course, but I'm just starting out with all this tech stuff.

Hope you didn't mind my being cheeky on your MyT blog.

Bisous, James Wolfe

Sally's Chateau said...

No not at all cheeky James on My Telegraph blog, was rather amused to see the response to a very 'tongue in cheek' post.

Tom said...

What a delightful view this is...stunning. :O)

Ida said...

I love this scene! :)
Great shot!

quinttarantino said...

This is fantastic ... it's one of many things I love in France ... the beauty of it's landscape.
And now of to see your site about the chateau.

chrome3d said...

Lovely poppie field. Good pic.