Monday, 2 June 2008

French Estate Agents in the Languedoc

The French estate agent was spluttering with indignation. ‘You’re suggesting I don’t know how to do my job’. I counted to dix and progressed to vingt. ‘I’m not suggesting any such thing, I’m telling you. But this was merely a thought you understand. Not that he comprehended anything. Didn’t want to. Arrogant oily uppity type. He turned up last December uninvited and persuaded us he had a client who just had to buy my house. ‘I’m not for sale’ I said. But His Lordship said it wouldn’t do any harm and the snake worked his charms and I ended up signing the paper. ‘Don’t you want to look around the property’? I suggested. For someone that was looking to pocket mega dosh if he procured a sale he might have shown a slight interest. He waved his arms around in an airy-fairy fashion and talked non-stop. I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. No need. Smartarse knew it all.

Not a very good day for taking pictures he commented whilst hurrying to get into his warm top of the range Audi. ‘I’ve got some very good one’s I said albeit through gritted teeth. He looked hopeful. ‘And details and measurements ‘? He snapped a miserable shot of the Chateau with the shutters all closed and the car parked askew outside. ‘Don’t put that on the internet’ I instructed him. ‘In fact I don’t want you advertising my house on the internet at all.

Never heard another dicky from him of course until I discovered my house on the market this week plastered all over an English Website advertising the Languedoc region. I wondered why the local Brits were chattering about me being for sale. With the photograph I had asked him not to use, with completely wrong details. And he wants 46,000 for doing nuts? I’m writing him a letter tomorrow only it won’t be suggestive. Apparently by French law he's entitled to have it on his books for a year.

I can see this house sale malarkey is going to be fun.

Meanwhile this picture taken last week from Le Chateau at 6am shows that the early bird see's far more than a cuckoo that stays in bed.

A good time to buy in the Languedoc


Elizabethd said...

Oh Sally....been there, done that. But English agents are not much better I fear. Though a very good agency based in UK, but with agents in Bordeaux and probably other places, is Sifex. They specialise in 'proprietes'.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Estate Agents have a terrible reputation don't they. Why they have to act so uppity and arrogant is beyond me. Just who is the customer here!

Take care,
Crystal xx

Exmoorjane said...

Outrageous! Stupid arrogant man (and I hope he reads this)..... Yeah, forget agents - send details to the property eds on the Sundays (Le Chateau is so special I suspect they would give you editorial on it without blinking)- and it's free!

Milla said...

or than the tosser who stays in his car. What an idiot. I got mine in the Telegraph property thing (dear Jane gave me the details). We had masses of interest and 2 offers (both of which, I am duty bound to say fell through) but you've got to try everything, treat it like a job. Good luck.

Frances said...

Sally, that early morning picture is a dreamy image.

I am so sorry, however, to read about your recent experience that is not so dreamy.

Seems like so very good ideas have been posted by those who commented before me.


LittleBrownDog said...

Oooh, horrible little man! Couldn't you have accidently let one of your perfectly formed milles feuilles slide accidentally onto the seat of his still-warm Audi just as he was about to slide his arrogant little french bottom onto the leather? Or couldn't we persuade one of Faith's doves to fly low over his bonnet leaving lovely runny white messages all over his paintwork?

You must give us a hint at what that next installment might be - I'm all agog to discover What Sally Did Next (small, supremely successful business with me and Jane perhaps?).

lampworkbeader said...

Sally. I'm afraid estate agents seem to do little for much, the world over. Good luck with the sale.

quinttarantino said...

Give some kick in the ... oppssss, sorry!

Nice view.

Cowgirl said...

Hi Sally,catching up on blogs here and only just realised you had decided to sell up. Hope you charge squillions - your place is so gorgeous. The ass who signed you up is vile. You coould probably do better selling it yourself! Best of luck with it all and the road will stretch tantalisingly ahead with new adventures (I so know where you are coming from with feeling the time has come) xx

Ragged Roses said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. What a wonderful home and area you live in! I'm positively drooling, sitting here on a very grey drizzly day and looking at your beautiful photos. Good luck with the estate agents

Pipany said...

How long is it since I read your blog!!! yOu're selling? Why?!!!! Ok Pipany, go back and read again!

kissa said...

Hi Sally.
Estate agents = pond life!?
It seems they are the same the world over which can be rather hard to believe. There are surely nice honest and not arrogant ones there somewhere........but where?
Your place looks so gorgeous others before me have said it all so GOOD LUCK!!

Angela in Europe said...

I just found your blog...I really like it so far. Just wanted to drop a note and say hi.

Lehners in France said...

Estate agents don't you just love them. What skills do they have? Awful photos, bad write ups and huge commission. Don't start me! Debs x