Friday, 4 July 2008

Feng Shui and Le Chateau

I was supercharged with energy and vitality yesterday as Postie had delivered the most super present from the very talented writer and journalist Jane Alexander a book entitled, Spirit of the Home, How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary and I was engrossed in all things cleansing, spiritual and getting to grips with Ba-Gua including positioning jangly mobiles to circulate the Chi around the house.

The bedroom now sports a wonderful exotic fruit mobile starting off with a ripe banana and ending with a succulent slice of melon, that's by the window so it clunks gently in the breeze. Above the bed we have black Piranha's circling overhead. I couldn't get the bed into the relationship corner as then the French windows wouldn't open but I had located the money corner and tidied accordingly and was just feeling the most immense satisfaction and harmony when I discovered THE MOST embarrassing faux pas EVER. Well not quite ever but nearly ever.

In my flush of success I sent a very 'lively' e mail to my friend, only it didn't go to a friend it went to a client.

I think the circling Piranha's are bad karma and they will have to go.

Even the first sighting of a sunflower can't lift my spirits.

*STOP PRESS* Since munching on the most enormous chunk of baguette filled with pure garlic and a touch of cheese a mega booking has landed on my lap, this can only be down to the clearing of the money corner and nothing to do with my sales skills and sheer hard graft. The circling Piranha's can stay after all, the sight of them keeps me on my toes I daresay.


Exmoorjane said...

Laughing head off, Sally! Sorry but the circling piranhas will have go - feng shui hates anything sharp and pointy!

Blossomcottage said...

That puts pay to any more baguettes they are sharp and pointy... you could eat them in the garden I suppose!

ChrisH said...

I'll take your word for it (and Jane's, of course).

Frances said...

Love your take on life, Sally.

Just break those pointy ends off that baguette before it crosses your threshold.

(Better ask Jane if that does it. Or go with Blossom, and dine al fresco.)

Whatever it is that does it, may you prosper!

Cait O'Connor said...

You have inspired me to look into this wealth corner business!

Milla said...

feng shui sounds a deal too fussy if you ask me! hates anything sharp and pointy indeed. Get you, Fengy.

Run Your Car On Water said...

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